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The truth about cancer

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Blogs
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There are a lot of conspiracy theories in relation to natural treatments vs manufactured drug treatments by pharmaceutical companies, I came across these video’s that explain a lot of these theories and claims to have some facts and cures to some cancers. While I am sat on the fence with this one it may explain why chemothereapy and radiotherapy is always offered as the “best option”.

If you got a few hours to spare have a good watch and see what you think, the clinic in Mexico is an interesting one.


A friend pointed me to some articles suggesting that gcmaf made by a company called Firstimmune suggest that cancer can be halted, tumours shrunk and in some cases patients cured.

A video explains it further but is it true or not?  skip to about 11mins.

The are plenty of articles suggesting that this is “unsafe” and should not be taken.

While the company has been pretty much shut down and clinics closed by the government, why have no studies or test results been released? Why is the government and companies researching cancer actually helping this company?

There are theories that governments and pharmaceutical companies work together to force the use of drugs to make money instead of investing in holistic treatment/alternative treatment.

Anyone taking gcmaf or other alternative treatments to pharmaceutical drugs?

Recently been looking at various peoples stories and treatments as one day mine will come back, it was brought to my attention that there are some natural treatments, I believe this is could be true as I believe large companies would put lives at risk to make money, in the UK though the NHS can barely afford to carry on the way it is so why haven’t they released any studies, tests or results with natural rememdies?

From what i’ve been reading cancer lives in an acidic environment so taking Alkaline based super foods can help and in a lot of cases people have reported it working. Does it work? Something to think about though as natural remedies have been used for various illnesses for thousands of years. The one i’ve been specifically looking at is the baking soda one mixed with maple syrup, apple cider vineger and or lemon, anyone tried it?