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Posted: February 19, 2016 in Blogs

Lately I have noticed a lot of positivity within the brain tumour support groups despite the constant up and downs we all go through. There has been a fair bit of coverage on the internet and reaching the media regarding alternative therapies, success stories and people trying to make a difference.

My own positive attitude comes from the fact that I have a grade 2 which isn’t as bad as a grade 4 and i’ll worry about the future when it comes.

Anyway, there is a young lady that has been trying to help and support people within these support groups whose name is Angela and has a grade 2 Astrocytoma. Like myself she has created a blog and making it public, which I am always being told “you are brave for making it public”.

She has some great information on her blog, check her blog…

Brain Tumour Warrior

Also while we are on the subject of websites, facebook offers some good support groups(closed so your comments are private)…

The brain tumour charity.

Brain tumour support.

And the Astro Brain Tumour Fund – Low Grade Glioma Support, this concentrates on low grade whereas the others cover all types.


For now, keep positive everyone, look out for information as a lot is starting to come out with regards to treatments and medical advances.