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Sounds a bit morbid doesn’t it? well not today, feel like being a bit positive after a walk with my camera. Since surgery I’ve not really been out and about doing the hobby I love so I decided it was about time even though a little rusty with the camera. Sometimes I think it will do good to focus on something other than the unwanted lodger and more what you can still do so here are a few pics taken recently…

Daylight followed by afternoon light and then stages of sundown(dying light)


15th March 2016, now 1yr 8 months post operation latest MRI scan results show little to no change. Any change that has been seen has been attributed to scar tissue.  Appointments have now been changed from 6 monthly checkups to 9 month checkups.  While this a small victory for me it is quite a hollow one compared to what I’ve read recently. Three years ago I wouldn’t have looked twice at brain tumour issues specifically(but i’ve always given to cancer research).  With this month being brain tumour awareness month there has obviously been a lot of focus on this, the stories I’ve read put mine to shame and I am so lucky mine is what it is.  Sounds a bit strange as a brain tumour is devasting in it’s own way for both patient and family.

I have been spreading awareness myself and including this blog website in hope that it will make people aware.