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The date 23rd July 2016 marks the 2nd anniversary of having surgery to remove a brain tumour. While an anniversary usually celebrates a happy occasion, this is  something worth celebrating as I have had no further growth.  For some it will be a fight for survival, surviving or in my case waiting on that time bomb to go off. For some odd reason it had affected me this year when usually thinking and talking about it normally doesn’t. Keeping fingers crossed it will be better next year as next scan is in September and result will be about end of October/early November.

In order to mark this occasion I am releasing an ebook. The ebook is slightly different to this blog as it covers a little more on the personal side of the experience.

LIFE WITH MY BRIAN-Living With A Brain Tumour

I wish all patients and families who are going through this journey all the best and hope you get some good news.