Classes of Brain Tumours

Posted: November 26, 2017 in Classes of Brain Tumour

There are many types of brain tumours, the most common are low grade and classed as benign, they are graded 1 to 4. The below is general information as not all cases are the same. I am not in the medical professional and can only comment on what I’ve found on the internet and my own experiences.

1 – Benign – Can be removed and may never return.

2 – Can be removed but almost always grow back and according to some sites survival rate is around 5yrs without treatment.(kind of a no brainer really 😉 ) With treatment you can expect a lot longer but nothing is certain as it all depends on your tumour.

3 – Cancer, can be removed but life expectancy low. Around 18months without treatment. With treatment you can expect longer but nothing is certain as it all depends on your tumour.

4 – Cancer, grows fast and spreads through the brain and can’t be removed. Survival without treatment is about 3 months and even with treatment not many survive past 3yrs. Again this may not always be the case and best to seek advice from a professional.

As explained in the blog, mine is a grade 2 and as 99% has been removed we have no idea on my life expectancy. People say money can’t buy you happiness but it certainly would for me, I got some time to do things I would like to do before I die!

Back to point 2, I’ve read many websites and even white papers regarding the classification of a grade 2 being cancer or not. Theory is that it is slow growing so is cancer, I’d be interested in other views or experiences so feel free to contact me.

Bear in mind that a lot of what you find is based on American studies, the UK seems to be lacking. One thing for certain is “DON’T LEAVE IT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT”, I took a year to think about what I was going to do and in that time it could have got worse and become inoperable.


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