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My Astrocytoma

Posted: November 21, 2017 in My Astrocytoma

As you can see by the huge print on the website, I have an Astrocytoma brain tumour in my right frontal lobe near the motorstrip. I had the operation and they got 99% out, what does this mean? Simply I am not “cured” and have an uncertain future, I am on what they call the “wait and see” list of patients.

So, what is my Astrocytoma?

An astrocytoma is a type of glioma that develops from star-shaped cells (astrocytes) that support the nerve cells. These are classified a low-grade astrocytoma as a grade II tumour, there is a question on whether this is classed as cancer because it is slow growing.


  • Slow growing – mine was found in 2013 after having a tonic clonic seizure
  • Rarely spreads to other parts of the CNS – at present mine hasn’t either
  • Borders not well defined – mine was hard to see until cracking my skull open
  • Common among men and women in their 20s-50s – Well I was 39


Treatment depends on the size and location of the tumor. The doctor will most likely perform a biopsy or surgery to remove the tumour. Partial resections or inoperable tumors may be treated with radiation. Recurring tumors may require additional surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy. My doctor decided to go straight for the surgery as a biopsy would mean two operations and up to now (21st November 2017) I have not needed any other treatment apart from anti-seizure tablets.