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24th July 2014

Day one of recovery was a little better but not by much, constant feeling of your head being in space and body back on earth made it all feel less real.

Breakfast was fine, (infact better than at home as I never have any as i feel sick after it)cereal followed by toast and a cup of tea and never had a problem keeping it down. Now came the time of getting up and getting washed, with your head feeling 10 times larger than it is and your spacial awarness all over the place I found it hard to wash from a bowl as I was still not fit for a shower.

One of the hardest things I found was the simple brushing of teeth, every stroke of the toothbrush could be felt vibrating through my head so I didn’t bother, yep I chose dog breath instead.

The day got better as it went by and I had my parents and wife visit me giving support which puts you in a better frame of mind, and as you may know a postive frame of mind helps recovery. I chose not to have my kids visit me as I believe it would have been good to see them but I think it would have upset them to see in such a state compared to how I usually am.

After being told it is possible for patients to go home the next day after surgery I got a little excited but there was one problem, for you to go home they checked if you had bowl movements – lol. Unfortunately for me this was not happening despite being given natural laxatives so I had to stay in. I was offered a suppository which I quite happily declined as I had been probed enough!

Today 24th July 2014, I was able to walk unaided so made a few trips to the bathroom myself with the thought of a suppository as motivation. No luck so I guessed I was in for another night.

The UK is not known for hot weather but the worst thing about this day of recovery was that the aircon was broke and it was a hot day outside(around 30 degree’s celcius is good for UK), this was making inside like greenhouse and the fans just blowing warm air around. At this point I was starting to get frustrated at the whole situation and just wanted to go home.

Couldn’t have a bath as they none, couldn’t shower as I couldn’t get my wound wet, the only way to keep cool was damping myself and drinking water. Even the water was getting warm quite quick!

As dusk was approaching the temperature started dropping and sitting by an open window gave respite and comfort.

While all this was going on in my head I couldn’t help but feel guilty after hearing an old man across the ward being told he had 3 types of cancer in his brain making it inoperable, the poor man only had about 3 months left on this planet and it cast my mind back to when my grandfather had lung cancer and fought to the end despite it being terminal. The old man seemed to take news well but as with this blog you just don’t know what going on in the head. It certain puts a different perspective on things!

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