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24th July 2014

The night after surgery was a welcoming sight, the ward was so hot because the aircon was broke. ¬†With a window open and a slight breeze it was lovely but that was not the problem. Remember me saying your neck feels like it’s been over stretched? Well it is a major problem trying to get comfortable, no matter what position you lay in your neck aches like hell. I tried all sorts of positions with and without pillows and finally found that having the bed up about 45 degree, a pillow at lower back, a pillow at neck/head and then a rolled up towel at base of skull reduce the ache enough sleep. Great I can get some sleep!

Hell no you can’t, due to major surgery the nurses have to check your vitals every hour and once satisfied every two hours. How the hell this aids recovery I do not know! Anyway, I was quite lucky in that my vitals were fine and they actually told me they have never seen someone so calm and with normal bloody pressure matching what it was prior surgery. The trick here is explained in my decision to have surgery reasons if you remember that one.

After constant broke sleep and refusing painkillers because I didn’t need them (it was if they were trying to force you to have them, at one point I thought they were going to beg) I managed to get some sleep when they switched from 1 hour monitoring to two hour monitoring. Finally morning was breaking through and I was starving.

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