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The holiday was a great holiday and we were camping for two weeks, such relief to get the kids out of your hair. It would have been a killer staying at home for the remainder of the school holidays.

With me having a keen interest in photography and my feeling in my hand and fingers back to normal, I was able to use the camera properly again (which was important to me).  If I have lost the use of left hand I don’t know what I would have done.

I like landscapes…(from holiday)



With me getting better week by week I was able to go back to work full time 5 weeks after the op.  It was suggested by surgeon that I go back part time after 6 weeks if I felt ok and if not I could be signed off longer.

My employer had been really supportive over the whole process from diagnosis to operation and recovery so I decided to go back full time on 1st Sept 2014.

At first it was weird being back as you had just been through a major ordeal, not feeling 100% right and people not sure how to approach you.  To break the ice I just spoke about it freely and made a laugh and joke about it such as…

Staff : How you feeling?

Me : Glad to be back, it’s a weight off my mind!

Jokes such as this continued, questions asked and soon enough it was like I had never been off or had an operation.

see to present day.