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Time To Go Home

Posted: September 12, 2015 in Time To Go Home
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After spending two day and one morning it was time to go home – yay! (so fed up of being in there).  Despite being able to walk I was told to take it easy and use a wheelchair to leave the hotel courtesy of the NHS. My wife had to get car and bring it around the front to reduce walking distance for me but the car park was quite full. This didn’t stop the taxi drivers taking up spaces for dropping off and picking up of patients and therefore forcing my wife to park in a different space that I had to walk to.

Getting in the car was such a wierd feeling (if you remember your head feels huge and your spacial awareness all over the place), and oh boy those bloody head rests do nothing for resting your head.  The journey home was terrible due to the fact that you are very uncomfortable and can feel every bump in the road.

The first stop before going home was to the supermarket to get a foam based neck brace, new pillows and an electric toothbrush – bye dog breath!. I really would suggest getting a neck brace and some really soft pillows, the nice puffy ones 🙂

When we arrived home the first thing was to brush my teeth and have a nice cool drink (weather was really hot for UK), second was to get the bed all nice and comfortable with a fan passing cool air over the bed. No matter what I did I couldn’t get comfortable but it was far better than being in the free hotel for sick people. After a while I did manage to get comfortable and drift in and out of sleep.

This continued for a few days and nights and every day getting better but I was expecting some sort of pain and it never happened, just a tightness of skin over the skull and staples, the feeling of pressure in head and the neck issue that is unexplainable. Something I did notice was that control over my left hand was an issue and fingers being the worst, I couldn’t text properly, couldn’t type properly and even tried and games console to pass the boredom. This is when I started to feel a bit more emotional, frustrated, angry and unfortunately it was released towards my family.

My wife tried to be supportive but I found every little thing bugged me and even worse it was the kids school holidays which really did wind me up (that I took the blame for as I chose a bad time to agree to have surgery.  My wife stayed supportive and tried everything to make me happy and comfortable and still does so today (12th Sept 2015), she really did put up with a lot from me and was a rock.  I do not know what I would have done without her by my side! If you are in a position where you need brain surgery or similar, I really stress that you should plan for after care, to start with I couldn’t even make a basic snack such as toast.

See the first week…