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After having surgery I was advised that there are a number of things that could happened and I would need MRI scans every 3 months and reviews on medication every 6 months. The things that could happen are…

  • Become seizure free
  • Seizures could be slight
  • Seizures could be worse due to scaring on brain

Luckily up to now I have only had slight seizures every so often especially if I miss a dose of medication or take it too late.Β  The seizures started off very slight and you wouldn’t know I was having one.Β  These have started getting stronger but nowhere near as bad as they was and they do not affect what I am doing at the time I have them.

At the moment my eyes flicker to left and I may move my head but I am able to talk and do things while it is happening, usually I will try to hide it as it passes in a about 10 seconds.

Due to the fact that in the past I have had grand mal seizures I am unable to get my driving license back until I am a year free of minor seizures. It does have benefits as I can now be taxied everywhere and can drink :).

For now life will continue as it has before but β€œLife moves pretty fast. I do stop and look around once in a while, as I don’t want to miss it.” πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoyed this rather long winded true story, I will update it as things happen until the time comes when I can’t.

Other blogs will be information that might be of help so for now that’s it and have a listen to this…

Life without brian.



With recent discussions regarding my health I thought I haven’t updated the blog in a while. So here it is πŸ™‚

The last blog mentioned..

“My Lamotrigine has been increased from 150mg twice a day to 175 twice a day to see if they will help my seizures. Give that a month and if no change, to increase that to 200mg twice a day, failing that, they will be reduced and another tablet introduced.”

Since then I have been to see my Epilepsy specialist nurse for medication review, not on the exact date but at some point my Lamotrigine was increased to 200mg, then 225mg and now it will be 250mg twice daily. Keeping fingers crossed that this will help as not much has happened being on 225mg other than the strength of the seizures. If this does not work then Zonisamide will be introduced, scary isn’t it? sounds like I am going to be Zombiefied!!

My aim really is get the frequency down from every 10 days to as far as I can as I want my driving licence back.

I’m sure many of you are in the same boat and understand what I am really saying deep down, people not in our situation don’t understand the loss this is and how it affects everything you want to do.

However, must keep positive as I have been luckier than a lot of others. If you can and are able (like me) to get out and about, take time to step away from the rat race. I’ve been trying and my photography hobby has increased somewhat.

One of my favourite seaside towns, Whitby looking through a whale jaw bone at the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

Take care everyone and bye for now πŸ™‚