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Friday 18th Sept 2015, had a consultation regarding medication. Nothing exciting or too interesting.  Still having seizures on average of every two weeks is too much apparently, the meds are obviously not working as desired regardless.  1000mg a day is a small dose so my Keppra has now been increased to 750mg in evening and 500mg in the morning for two weeks and then 750mg both morning and evening to see if that settles them. This has to be done slowly because it takes about a week for any changes to settle in your system.  Either way I am starting to rattle as I walk now 😉

So the myth of missing a dose causes seizures can be settled now 🙂

Wednesday 25th November 2015, Keppra incresed last month to 750mg morning and 500 evening and then 2 weeks later 750mg both morning and evening. Seems to be no change and getting minor seizures around every 10 days. Will be seeing the nurse at the local GP, don’t know why as I am under consultants for reviews.

On the 21/8/16 my Keppra was increased to 2,000mg a day and as this hadn’t helped much it was increased to 2500mg per day. I’m getting no side effects but feel this had no real effect on me.

It was decided that I should increase my Lamotrigine to 450mg a day and on 02/07/17 this was completed (as you know it has to be increased slowly). This has had a slight effect of reducing the length of the seizure and a minor changed in strength of the seizure. It was discussed that I may have to be put on another tablet.

Been a while since updating this, today (17/12/18) I am still on 1250mg keppra twice daily but Lamotrigine has chnaged to 250mg twice daily, nothing has changed seizure wise but maybe thats stress at this particular time, they don’t want to introduce another tablet because I “Tolerate these well”. Love that terminology!



Going through the whole process from seizures to surgery you will go through a number of medications too. The first port of call will be epilepsy medication unless they the cause first.

There are many epileptic medications available but mine was Lamotrigine branded as Lamictal, it is used in an attempt to control the electrical activity in the brain that can lead to seizures. You will most likely be started on a low dose due to some of the dodgy side affects. Basically if you get a rash seek medical help immediately to get it checked as it can lead to blisters and your skin falling off.

As my body tolerated it well the dose was increased to 150mg in the morning and 150mg in the evening. I love the way they use the word “tolerate” !!. As this didn’t work too well I was moved on to Levetiracetam as well. This is branded as “Keppra” so it is easier just to call it that. This has similar side affects as Lamotrigine so seek medical help if you have any rashes.

Keppra did seem to work better and serious seizures stopped up to present day. At present I am on 500mg in morning and evening, you maybe put on more or less depending on circumstances.

5 days before surgery you are likely to be given Dexamethasone which is a steroid used to reduce inflammation, I was told this was to reduce swelling for the operation. One problem is that it makes you starving all the time and they give you Lansoprazole to stop your stomach getting damaged. This was the case with me and I could eat all day and still feel hungry, in the end I resorted to drinking milk or water a lot. After the operation you can come off it slowly.

After surgery there was some other medications that I can’t remember but in total I was taking around 30 tablets per day all carefully planned out. Luckily, if you live in the UK you will be given a medical exemption card that means you don’t pay for them.

The advice I can give for all this is take them according to your doctors instructions, don’t change anything and I wouldn’t read the side effects or look it up on the internet as it will more likely worry you.

If I find what else I was taking I will update this blog.