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Friday 25th July 2014

Today started off a bit more positive with the thought of I could go home. A group of doctors and nurses came around this morning looking at my notes and discussing things, asked me a few questions but still unable to talk properly I managed to answer them.

The surgeon came to see me and advised as thought it is a grade 2 Astrocytoma and they got around 99% out, recovery has gone well and asked me how I was doing.

My reply was I’m fed up of being stuck in here, most people have left the ward and it was lovelly outside again. To this he replied with I can see no problem why you can’t go home. I phoned my wife and advised she can pick me up. After a quick check over a nurse noticed I still had my heart IV line in. Removing this did make my stomach turn a little with it being quite a big line and the nurse putting pressure on which hurt adding to it.

My wife came to pick me up but I couldn’t go until after the MRI scan that has already been booked, nice communication there!

No problem at all, MRI scans don’t bother me other than I can’t stand needles and they always put a contrast die in. On this particular occasion it did not bother me though.

This is the fun bit (try not to laugh too hard), the way I deal with MRI scans is simply close my eyes and let them get on with it. This time I almost actually fell asleep in there! Being so high on drugs and head all over the place I closed my eyes, ignored the noise and felt as if i was floating. This sounds crazy but I was imagining I was floating in a space station – lol. If you know about MRI scans you will know that they take different scans and each time the noise changes. With me floating in a space station in my head, every time the noise changed a bulk head door opened and I floated in the the next section and this repeated until the scan was over.

Why a space station? I have no idea but think is what started off my weird dreams in the days to come.

After the scan was complete and moved back to the ward I was able to go home. Some nurses came around with meds, advice, support groups etc etc. You get these at every appointment so by now I was bored of them. Most of this information is about coping brain cancer, what help is available and the charities.

See time to go home…