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As previously mentioned in the other post, I have reached a milestone of 5yrs, a bit late in posting this one as 23rd July was my cranniversary, 5yrs post op and had a few beers to celebrate. Everthing seems to be ok at the moment, still on my own so who do you turn to when you need support?

Had a few problems emotionally lately so wondering if it is just the marriage breakup or do Keppra and Lamotrigine actually mess with them, seems my emotions are stronger and flick between happiness and sadness easily. Anyone else having this? My tumour is on motor strip so can’t be that.

Another question I got is can seizures wipe memories, specialist nurses say not but I remember a lot when I was younger but short term is all over the place.


Anyway, all the best everyone, keep strong and fight on. x


Still here kicking around and plodding on with life, nothing really to report other than I have my scan results on the 20th. Finally my mind will be at rest since 15th Dec, thats right, I had my scan on 15th Dec and finally get my results next week!! Unfortunately this is the state the NHS has got in to.

Forgot to post happy valentines and a post a saw today reminded me, it said…

” To my wife, I love as much today as I did yesterday but it is a lot cheaper lol”

So I hope everyone who was able had a happy valentines day, to all those who have lost loved ones or currently battling this horrible fight, I wish you the best for the future.

All the best,


The date 23rd July 2017 marks the 3rd anniversary of having surgery to remove a brain tumour. While an anniversary usually celebrates a happy occasion, this is  something worth celebrating as I have had no further growth.  For some it will be a fight for survival, surviving or in my case waiting on that time bomb to go off. For some odd reason it had affected me this year when usually thinking and talking about it normally doesn’t, at Christmas my scan results confused the neurology team and gave me a bit of a scare, it was sent to a team of experts who reviewed it and came to the conclusion that it had not changed. Keeping fingers crossed it will be better this year as next scan will be around December and results about Januray.


I wish all patients and families who are going through this journey all the best and hope you get some good news.

A friend pointed me to some articles suggesting that gcmaf made by a company called Firstimmune suggest that cancer can be halted, tumours shrunk and in some cases patients cured.

A video explains it further but is it true or not?  skip to about 11mins.

The are plenty of articles suggesting that this is “unsafe” and should not be taken.

While the company has been pretty much shut down and clinics closed by the government, why have no studies or test results been released? Why is the government and companies researching cancer actually helping this company?

There are theories that governments and pharmaceutical companies work together to force the use of drugs to make money instead of investing in holistic treatment/alternative treatment.

Anyone taking gcmaf or other alternative treatments to pharmaceutical drugs?