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A recent experience has shown me that some patients don’t confide in their parents and parents don’t always talk to their siblings about the deeper things, feelings, emotions and fear.

While we all may be suffering from brain tumours, today is especially for mothers. If you are a mother with a brain tumour, you are still a mother not just a brain tumour patient with children. If you can celebrate, celebrate what you have while you have it. My thoughts go out to all mothers out there hoping you can have a nice day and something to look back on.

Best of luck to the future and happy mothers day.



Still here kicking around and plodding on with life, nothing really to report other than I have my scan results on the 20th. Finally my mind will be at rest since 15th Dec, thats right, I had my scan on 15th Dec and finally get my results next week!! Unfortunately this is the state the NHS has got in to.

Forgot to post happy valentines and a post a saw today reminded me, it said…

” To my wife, I love as much today as I did yesterday but it is a lot cheaper lol”

So I hope everyone who was able had a happy valentines day, to all those who have lost loved ones or currently battling this horrible fight, I wish you the best for the future.

All the best,


The date 23rd July 2017 marks the 3rd anniversary of having surgery to remove a brain tumour. While an anniversary usually celebrates a happy occasion, this is  something worth celebrating as I have had no further growth.  For some it will be a fight for survival, surviving or in my case waiting on that time bomb to go off. For some odd reason it had affected me this year when usually thinking and talking about it normally doesn’t, at Christmas my scan results confused the neurology team and gave me a bit of a scare, it was sent to a team of experts who reviewed it and came to the conclusion that it had not changed. Keeping fingers crossed it will be better this year as next scan will be around December and results about Januray.


I wish all patients and families who are going through this journey all the best and hope you get some good news.

Well, just a quick update. Not posted for a while as you might see but I am still here and well. My Lamotrigine has been increased from 150mg twice a day to 175 twice a day to see if they will help my seizures. Give that a month and if no change to increase that to 200mg twice a day, failing that, they will be reduced and another tablet introduced.

The only news I got at present is that on Sunday 9th April 2017 I had two seizures, both were light but one at 4pm and one at 9pm. Seemed to be no link but may have missed a dose of tablets as I get confused some days or busy and forget. This shouldn’t be a problem because the oncology specialist nurse say that the change won’t affect you that quick. It would be interesting to know how many have this issue.

Luckily I get free tablets but that must be costing the NHS a fortune!

I’m on yearly MRI scans now so nothing to report on that front, hope you all are doing well and bye for now.


Sounds a bit morbid doesn’t it? well not today, feel like being a bit positive after a walk with my camera. Since surgery I’ve not really been out and about doing the hobby I love so I decided it was about time even though a little rusty with the camera. Sometimes I think it will do good to focus on something other than the unwanted lodger and more what you can still do so here are a few pics taken recently…

Daylight followed by afternoon light and then stages of sundown(dying light)

Been a few stories lately about alternative treatments and/or a combination of treatments.

Apparently it has been proven that Canabis can kill cancer cells and human trials are being carried out.

Another link to the story…

Another link to pretty much same story…

Got to be something to it rather than fake reports.

Another interesting one I read not so long back was about using a refined deadly virus on a tumour to kill it and it has worked in animals but human trials have not been done and could be risky due to unpredicatable immune system.

There also seem to be a little more hope on the horizon with new technology that can reduce the “inoperable” rate in patients.


Seems that research is starting to show results.

The truth about cancer

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There are a lot of conspiracy theories in relation to natural treatments vs manufactured drug treatments by pharmaceutical companies, I came across these video’s that explain a lot of these theories and claims to have some facts and cures to some cancers. While I am sat on the fence with this one it may explain why chemothereapy and radiotherapy is always offered as the “best option”.

If you got a few hours to spare have a good watch and see what you think, the clinic in Mexico is an interesting one.

Recently been looking at various peoples stories and treatments as one day mine will come back, it was brought to my attention that there are some natural treatments, I believe this is could be true as I believe large companies would put lives at risk to make money, in the UK though the NHS can barely afford to carry on the way it is so why haven’t they released any studies, tests or results with natural rememdies?

From what i’ve been reading cancer lives in an acidic environment so taking Alkaline based super foods can help and in a lot of cases people have reported it working. Does it work? Something to think about though as natural remedies have been used for various illnesses for thousands of years. The one i’ve been specifically looking at is the baking soda one mixed with maple syrup, apple cider vineger and or lemon, anyone tried it?

A link to a fellow blogger covering a lot of information like my blog…

Brain Tumour Warrior


There are a lot of sites out there that can give you info and help from forums to support charities, I never used any support charities but here are some links I did read through…

Everyone know MacMillan but here is their link in relation to astrocytomas…

A good group to join is the facebook group “The brain tumour charity”, there are over 3,000 members all of which are supportive and in similar situations…

or the website…

Another good website to have a look at is..

Another good support group I found is the astrofund who concentrate on the support for those with low grade Atrocytoma tumours…

Website :

Facebook Group :

Other links can be useful such as Wikipedia, NHS, WEBMD and just google but be careful what you read as almost all sites tell you that you are going to die.