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Well, just a quick update. Not posted for a while as you might see but I am still here and well. My Lamotrigine has been increased from 150mg twice a day to 175 twice a day to see if they will help my seizures. Give that a month and if no change to increase that to 200mg twice a day, failing that, they will be reduced and another tablet introduced.

The only news I got at present is that on Sunday 9th April 2017 I had two seizures, both were light but one at 4pm and one at 9pm. Seemed to be no link but may have missed a dose of tablets as I get confused some days or busy and forget. This shouldn’t be a problem because the oncology specialist nurse say that the change won’t affect you that quick. It would be interesting to know how many have this issue.

Luckily I get free tablets but that must be costing the NHS a fortune!

I’m on yearly MRI scans now so nothing to report on that front, hope you all are doing well and bye for now.



A link to a fellow blogger covering a lot of information like my blog…

Brain Tumour Warrior


There are a lot of sites out there that can give you info and help from forums to support charities, I never used any support charities but here are some links I did read through…

Everyone know MacMillan but here is their link in relation to astrocytomas…

A good group to join is the facebook group “The brain tumour charity”, there are over 3,000 members all of which are supportive and in similar situations…

or the website…

Another good website to have a look at is..

Another good support group I found is the astrofund who concentrate on the support for those with low grade Atrocytoma tumours…

Website :

Facebook Group :

Other links can be useful such as Wikipedia, NHS, WEBMD and just google but be careful what you read as almost all sites tell you that you are going to die.


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