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Been a few stories lately about alternative treatments and/or a combination of treatments.

Apparently it has been proven that Canabis can kill cancer cells and human trials are being carried out.

Another link to the story…

Another link to pretty much same story…

Got to be something to it rather than fake reports.

Another interesting one I read not so long back was about using a refined deadly virus on a tumour to kill it and it has worked in animals but human trials have not been done and could be risky due to unpredicatable immune system.

There also seem to be a little more hope on the horizon with new technology that can reduce the “inoperable” rate in patients.


Seems that research is starting to show results.


A link to a fellow blogger covering a lot of information like my blog…

Brain Tumour Warrior


There are a lot of sites out there that can give you info and help from forums to support charities, I never used any support charities but here are some links I did read through…

Everyone know MacMillan but here is their link in relation to astrocytomas…

A good group to join is the facebook group “The brain tumour charity”, there are over 3,000 members all of which are supportive and in similar situations…

or the website…

Another good website to have a look at is..

Another good support group I found is the astrofund who concentrate on the support for those with low grade Atrocytoma tumours…

Website :

Facebook Group :

Other links can be useful such as Wikipedia, NHS, WEBMD and just google but be careful what you read as almost all sites tell you that you are going to die.


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